Canuck season in Bruins (see what I did there?)

Boston Glee Party (c/o

And so the NHL season is finished. The Boston Bruins somehow won the Stanley Cup, beating the Canucks in Vancouver and winning the Cup despite going to Game 7 in three rounds of the Play-Offs. Amazing.

Sudden-death Game 7 wasn’t even a nail-biter, with the Bruins wiping the locals, 4-0. The two goals late in the second period were killers. I still have no idea how the Vancouver goalie, Roberto Luongo, let the third goal find its way into the net.

It was Boston’s first win in 39 years, after failing in their previous five trips to the final round. The poor Canucks have never won the Cup and this was a heartbreaker. The estimated 100,000 Canucks fans gathered outside the stadium didn’t take the defeat well. Check this out straight after the game:

And well played, Sports Illustrated Online, which immediately came up with the headline: Boston Glee Party.

Meanwhile, here is the Cup presentation. Pay special attention to the hairstyle on the blond guy carrying the Cup onto the ice:


  1. I propose renaming the Bruins to “Tim Thomas and the Bruins”.

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