Scubacam …

OK, so I got a new GoPro camera ( …. they rock) for my looming manta ray adventure. And thought, hey, I wonder what the view would be like from the top of a hockey helmet?

So we did it twice in the warm-up for today’s class at the Icehouse: once with me in the skates, and once with Melbourne Ice player and our sometime coach, Steve “Scuba” Edwards (# 17 for the Ice), who agreed to take it for a real spin, at speed.

This is Scuba in flight. HD video from a camera the size of a matchbox, mounted on his helmet.  Check it out:

I’ll post the one with me skating if and when I work out how to edit out all the crap before (as I try to nut out if it’s working). Yes, technology and me are great friends …


  1. So, Nicko, what happens to your blog while you’re swanning about diving with manta rays and travelling the States?

  2. Ha. Dunno … you’re acting like this whole thing was some kind of well thought out plan.
    I am going to some Wings games in America, so that is blogworthy!

    Or I could change the blog’s name to Nickdoeslife … and just ramble about anything that crosses my path. I’m not sure the world is ready for that :p

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