Greetings, on-ice

“Hi, I’m Nicko. You skate really well.”
“I’m Dan. Thanks.”
“How long have you been skating?”
“Five months … What about you? Just started Intro?”
“Actually, done Intro twice and Intermediate once, Dan.”
Awkward silence.
Pretty much sums up my night at the Icehouse. Better get onto those lessons, huh?


  1. Theresa Neate says:

    Well if I may offer my advice … lessons are good but will not replace LOTS of skating. By doing what you did, skating general skate, you did awesome. Keep that up 🙂 (several times a week, if you can) And join the hockey school again, it’s really good for skating skills too. And we’d love to have you around of course.

  2. Thanks Theresa 🙂 … I just thought it was funny that a stranger’s verdict on me was that bad. I’m actually feeling the benefit of this strategy already. Was actually, genuinely close to doing that inside-to-outside edge skating on one foot drill. Can definitely feel my single foot balance getting better with every wobbly session. I console myself with the fact that if I just fang around the ice, I’m fine. I’m only looking like a beginner/hack because I’m working on those tricky technical moves.

    I’m DEFINITELY signing up for class again though, as soon as I can, whether I’m skate-ready or not. Miss it, and all you guys, badly.

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