Overwhelming … in a great way

Since my article appeared on the Detroit News website about 36 hours ago, I’ve been truly overwhelmed by the warmth and kinship flowing from Wings fans and Detroit people all over the world. The blog alone has had close to 2000 individual views in two days (not exactly espn figures but consider that a good day previously was maybe 50 views. Previous record: 198 – when I accidentally upset fans of the Gold Coast ice hockey team here in Australia. Yesterday: 1006 views. Hello Detroit!).

It’s been so powerful that my attempt to individually answer every comment has become difficult – especially with a real job and travelling north today and other pesky real world considerations.

I will try to write back to you, if I get a moment, but can’t promise. Trust that I am reading every message and smiling from ear-to-ear.

This has been the greatest experience. It’s like hooking into the mainframe of Wings Passion. From this far away, in this far-flung Wings outpost, that’s quite a heady experience. I feel very honoured.

So thank you, Detroit locals, and Detroit people who have moved but still see themselves through and through as Detroit, and all those Wings fans of every flavour and nationality.

Don’t stop believin’ and, even more importantly, respect the octopus!



  1. Loved the articles, both here and in the Detroit News. Would like to pass on thanks for the kind words about the fans, and the city of Detroit. There is a great Red Wings community website http://www.wingingitinmotown.com/ that I am apart of if you care (someone posted a link to your Detroit News article, its how I discovered it) Also wanted to pass along freeredwings.tv . I’m sure the time differences make it hard to watch any live action, but if you can catch it, my friend streams all the game in HD live. Thanks again for the articles, I will continue to check out your site.

  2. Sorry, I didn’t really think before posting. I did not add those 2 links to get more hits or anything, just trying to help out a fellow Wings fan. Delete the post if you deem it necessary. Thanks

    Go Wings!

  3. Bob Cousino says:

    Hey Nick,

    I read tour piece in The Detroit News online edition. Great to hear that there Wings fans downunder. I’m an old Wings fan (born in the 1955 cup year) who has lived in Japan for over 20 years.

    I have great Aussie friends here in Japan and was able to visit your beautiful country and the City of Melbourne in 2007.


    Bob Cousino

  4. Go Wings!

  5. Thanks for the kind words about the city, too!

  6. Nick, As a ‘Detroiter’ I was happy to read your article and pleased that you enjoyed your time in ‘MoTown’. Furthermore, having been a member of the Sydney Bears during the 04/05 AIHL season reading your article conjured up beautiful memories of my time in Aus (my first game was actually in Melbourne at that classic, old, old rink). I hope to return soon so my wife and child can experience just a little of what I was able to. Best, Kevin H.

  7. Hi Nicko – Go Wings from down under, we moved from the States to Melbourne 9 mos ago, and I’m still adjusting, but obviously I read the Detroit News and Free Press online every day…Michigan native, long time Wings fan (saw then win the cup over Philly in 1997-8). Really cool to see that there is life in hockey down here…we love Melbourne but is the only ice really in the Docklands?

    Glad you enjoyed your trip, really enjoyed your article.

  8. Mr Place,

    I am so glad you were able to experience the Wings and our hometown.
    Too bad they did not win when you were here.Obviously they are doing better….but it isn’t over until the Cup is raised.
    I hope you can visit again…perhaps during the playoffs.
    Thank you for telling the truth about Detroit,and not just listening to the media.
    Detroit is a hard working,fiercely loyal city..and I am sure the fans at the Joe made you believe it.
    Next time the tickets and beer are on me..

  9. Patrick Garvey says:

    Hey Nicko,

    Please don’t about a reply – I’m so glad you enjoyed my hometown! I live away from there now (in Chicago; oh, I deplore the local team!) but I so much miss the winters in Michigan, cheering on the Wings with my buddies. It’s a bad rap my hometown gets, so important was my city was to our national history, and how genuine, kind and talented Detroiters are. I’m so glad you met and enjoyed real Detroiters!

    Now, I’ve visited your wonderful country a few times, including the week of Australia Day two years ago – oh my, that was quite fun! Terrific cities, with the warmest, fun-loving people, and natural beauty to boot. I can’t wait to get back.

    A Red WIngs fan in Australia – Methinks you have the best of both worlds!

    Cheers, mate, and “LET’S GO RED WINGS!”

    Patrick Garvey

  10. Hey Nick, How ya going?? Thought you would be interested to hear that I was contacted by a sportswriter from the Detroit News today via Skype. it seems he got my name from the comment I left regarding your article. He’s working on a story about Wings fans that live overseas. I honestly have only left one comment on a new story in my entire life (see…that’s how great your story was) and the newspaper contacts me for additional information….just hilarious!!!
    Hope all is well with you and GO WINGS!!!

  11. Devona, that is cool – especially for your first comment ever. (I’m honoured, btw… Thanks. ) The journo, Eric, contacted me too but I couldn’t help much, beyond the feedback the story had received, which was huge. I hope his piece works … It’s a great idea, looking at all us far-flung Wings. Respect the octopus!

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