Taking it to the roof …

Big Cat takes it to the car park roof under the wheel that never spins.

Chaos at the Icehouse last night as one of the machines that keeps the ice cold, and goes bing, and is called a compressor, and has tubes in it or some shit (What am I? An engineer?) broke and the ice melted. Oops. All Victorian comments raising eyebrows at the Gold Coast rink which is periodically shut for dodgy ice are hereby revoked.

A bunch of us hit the roof of the Harbourside car park for some street hockey instead and Jess Hough got some amazing photos with her fancy phone. Under the superstructure of the big wheel that never turns and in light rain, we smacked street pucks around and made the best of a missed night of on-ice action.

Why yes, I do play hockey. How did you know?

Toes are finally going to be dipped in the water of Joey Hughes’ Oakleigh-based school this week, so Big Cat, Alex and I loaded up all the gear that usually sits in our lockers until the Icehouse is back in action. It was kind of spooky walking through the Icehouse in darkness with nobody on the softening ice; Melbourne Ice players wandering around looking a little lost as their practice was also cancelled. We lugged our stuff out of there and into the back seat of my car, which ended up looking as though the entire Red Wings’ team’s gear had been dumped on a small Holden in Australia.

In other news, Guest Writer offerings have started to appear in my gmail inbox, which is exciting. I’ll start feeding them onto the site. Thanks for the enthusiasm, fellow skaters.

A Jess Hough panorama of street hockey on the harbourtown car park roof.


  1. I love the ghost’s stick all on its own 😛

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