Heads up for a 3peat

I couldn’t make it to Newcastle on the weekend so I managed to miss yet another Ice premiership. Lucky they happen every year, no matter which state. I actually found myself in a discussion with a father of a Melbourne Ice defender, while hanging out on the VIP Balcony a few weeks ago, as you do. He was saying it was an outrage that the AIHL Finals weren’t held at the Icehouse every year, because it is the best facility in the League, and should be like Wembley, where the FA Cup Final happens, no matter who makes it. I was arguing that this would give the rest of the League a chance to belittle the Melbourne Ice, by saying the team only wins because the final is on the Ice’s home ice every year. My case was that if the Ice could travel north to Newcastle and win the Goodall Cup on opposition ice, it would leave no arguments as to how good the team is.

Pic: Melbourne Ice Facebook page

And so it came to pass, with the dream scenario even unfolding that the Ice played Newcastle in the grand final, who had had the Ice’s number all year, but the Ice stood up when it mattered to win, 4-3.

A famous victory.

On the North Stars’ home ice.

Three cups in a row.

Which is the best team in the league?

Case closed.

Well done, Lliam, Army, Joey, and all the other Ice players. So so happy for you … and looking forward to seeing what sort of state our coaches are in at training and dev league tonight. Last year, I missed the equivalent of tonight’s class, but Big Cat reported that the coaches, clearly having celebrated thoroughly, basically said: “Scrimmage … don’t hurt yourselves” and sat on the boards, slightly swaying. (For any Icehouse management reading this: I’m sure it’s a complete fabrication by a deranged teenage mind)

Of course, with the AIHL season over, and Richmond having fought out a draw on Sunday to finish its AFL campaign in a dubious fashion, there is a gap in my sporting life. Damn, I’m ready to watch some Wings action. I’m almost certain there’s going to be a lock-out, delaying the start of the NHL season, maybe killing the season, and I’m already hurting.

How to fill in the time?

Look at pictures like this?

This is known as being Kronwalled. Pic: Detroit Red Wings

Check the faces of the crowd on either side of the hit: the guy with the slick-backed hair and the older guy with the white beard on the aisle. Priceless. (Less funny for the poor bastard being Kronwalled) … and what about the guy in the grey jacket, just heading up the aisle with his back to it. Entire stadium goes: OOHHH! then goes nuts. As he turns around: Huh? Did I miss something? Yes, dude, you did. About a metre from your arse.

How else to kill the time? Hmm … did somebody say: old replica jerseys? Drool!

The Guelph Biltmore Madhatters? Wow.

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