Learning from Calvin & Hobbes

Spaceman Spiff about to get a minor penalty.

Spaceman Spiff about to get a minor penalty.

I don’t usually cross-promote my ‘Nicko the author‘ blog and my nickdoeshockey blog, but I recently came across an article detailing a Kenyon commencement speech by Bill Watterson, the creator of the Calvin & Hobbes cartoon strip, and I think a lot of what he says resonates with hockey.

No, really. Everything he says about the journey, and not actually knowing where you’ll end up, or what detours and struggles and hurdles you’ll face along the way, can be more or less directly applied to our collective battle to become hockey players, at who knows what level.

Well, I know it certainly resonates with my hockey and my occasional pondering of how far I can go, how long I can play for, and whether I’ll ever actually perform an unconscious, flawless clockwise crossover?

If you’re interested, or just want to enjoy some awesome cartoon strips, the blog is here:


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