Hanging out with the Griffins

The AHL’s Grand Rapid Griffins were hauled in to help their parent club, the Detroit Red Wings, tune up this week, as the hurried preparations for this shortened post-lock-out NHL season heat up.

Someone was smart enough to bring along a GoPro and make a video of being behind the scenes at the Wings-Griffins practice scrimmage. It includes the first footage of Henrik Zetterberg in the C, on the ice, and has a great angle on Bertuzzi’s ludicrous shoot-out goal.

Tingles. Bring on the weekend and the return of NHL.

Rookies on film …

So, on Wednesday night, one of the Icehouse Rookies, Daniel Mellios (looking resplendent in a black Red Wings hoodie), turned up with a camera, and quietly shot the lights out of our entire Dev League session. Then produced a music clip the next day.

In the interests of as many eyeballs as possible seeing his excellent work, I thought I’d link to it here.

It really captures arriving at the Icehouse, getting ready, camaraderie, and where we’re at in terms of game play and skills of various levels We remain such a small cult of hockey diehards, within a larger, mostly-disinterested city, so far from the NHL action … I love this video for celebrating our world.

Kittens and I were both on the Red team and therefore got to wear our Wings jerseys. I’m in the #40 Zetterberg with a red helmet and red socks. Will aka Kittens, who features more in this clip, including landing on his butt, is in the #44 Bertuzzi jersey, with black helmet and white socks.

Nice work, Mr Mellios. Nice work …