So, I’ve discovered an early hurdle in starting a blog. Feedback from friends and readers accentuates that they are more witty and intelligent than I am. I already knew this, btw – this is not headline news – but now the proof is there.

So, kudos to Richard Stubbs for suggesting the title of this blog should have been: Nick on ice”. As a Richmond fan, I find that deeply offensive, yet funny.

And big kudos to Ms Martine Thompson, who came up with an infinitely better postscript to the “Hockey player versus Car” entry.

In her suggested postscript, after my ribs got taken out by the automatic gate, I should have taken deep breaths, felt my ribs screaming and then said to the empty street, under the ding ding ding ding ding of the boomgates:

“It’s okay. I write a blog about being a hockey player. I need to go write about this now.”

And walked to my car.

More accurate, and funnier. Well played, Irish.

By the way, the Detroit Red Wings won 3-1 today; much needed points as they stagger to a mid-season break and hope to get injured stars back. Will’s favourite player, Darren Helm (#43) scored the opener. Now you know.

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